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I Contain Multitudes, and I miss blogging and the community it created. What you’ll get here is a weekly post on a variety of subjects including history, books, popular culture, my explorations in the Pine Barrens and elsewhere, plus a new short story every month, or chapters of a serial novel.

My books and stories run the gamut from literary to crime, humor, horror, and fantasy; what they have in common is being full of heart. I’ve been published in the Utne Reader, McSweeney’s, Vautrin, Weird New Jersey, the Good Men Project, and many anthologies. I live near the Pine Barrens, and I’ve been exploring the ghost towns and abandoned mills, finding history, nature, oddness, and maybe even the Jersey Devil.

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Live it up in the Lounge Pit

Future plans include Tommy Salami’s video book reviews, and interviews with authors and fellow bon vivants in my vintage ‘70s Lounge Pit and guest posts by fabulous writers from all walks of life (except the one in that Dire Straits song.)

If you need testimonials, Joe R. Lansdale, author of the Hap & Leonard series, said that my novel The Boy from County Hell is “as wild as a night in a cage with an amorous monkey,” and Joyce Carol Oates calls me “a lovely kitty man.”

The logo of me riding a traditional Calabrian battle swan is taken from life, and was painted by Kim Parkhurst.

The Jersey Devil banner was created by Sarah Bennett Pluck.

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A deep dive every Sunday, often into a place I've explored, and a multitude of short subjects on Wednesday. Forays into the NJ Pine Barrens, forgotten historical sites, interesting places around the world, and short stories.


Thomas Pluck

Writer of The Boy from County Hell, Vyx and the Mythpocalypse, and the Joey Cucuzza conundrums. Probably goofing around in the woods somewhere.