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Thanks for the introduction to Patrick’s podcast. As someone who attempts to teach The Odyssey every year, the background information will be awesome.

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Truly sorry about your dad. Thank you as always especially for the NJ recommendations.

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As always I have so much to say in response to all your thoughts -- and I’m falling asleep as I say it -- so let me just pick one: I only heard about the DC fossil thing recently, through this NPR story: https://www.npr.org/2022/10/17/1117165931/dinosaur-fossil-hunting.

I particularly like the idea that there’s an official DC Dino, the Capitalsaurus. Also that some folks view the marble and limestone landscape of DC as an unofficial fossil exhibit. I sometimes try to think of it that way too -- no, these aren’t endless brutalist buildings meant to intimidate, they’re scrolling murals of our ancestors.

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I'm about halfway through Tyson Yunkaporta's book, Sand Talk, and what it is most solidifying for me is that any ideas that white historians/archaeologists/anthropologists have to say about ancient/Indigenous/paleolithic people must be taken with a heaping grain of salt because there's just no way to know and many of them are blinded by their own preconceived notions of what the world was like before all of this "glorious civilization." It's good fuel at least for my own prodigious biases and I am quite content to live so.

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If Rinso won't rinse and Duz won't do

Fug it. Fug detergent.

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