Next time we hang out, I need to hear ALL about this trip!!!! ❤️

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OMG, I 💗’d that black bread baked by the earth!!! As I mentioned to you, Michael & I went on like a 2-day, 3-night package deal back when we were first married & didn’t have any money to speak of. One day was a bus tour around the Golden Circle, plus a few extras like a stop for that bread -- I can still remember the woman unwrapping it warm from the earth-oven. It seemed miraculous to me, one of my strongest memories from the trip. I’d love to go back now that I have a little more scratch, thanks for the advice on how to spend it with style! 😁

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I'm SO jealous!

Glad you guys had fun. Guess it was the wrong time of year to "enjoy" this stuff? 🤢


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