I am such a dopamine addict! Honestly I think being a librarian will do that to you -- every time you discover a little piece of information -- bing! Something in my brain lights up. I have to be really careful about searching for anything too late at night or I'll get addicted and carry into the wee hours. I love all of your approaches for weening yourself off and refocusing your attention on deeper, quieter stuff -- it really is a dangerous addiction, always searching for that instant reward.

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I really like The Beths. You might look into The Regrettes if you've never heard of them.

Also: If you ever read (and liked) the Mayfair Witches by Ann Rice, the TV series on AMC is very good. I like it a lot.

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E joyed this

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I also love Dave's Killer Bread. I haven't seen The Whale but I've been curious. However, I'm also in the minority if people who liked Shallow Hal because I saw the point of him seeing the inside of person to be friends and fall in love and he learns from it. Other people who have had weight struggles hated it.

Basically all of our consumption is broken. There's a pet food doc in Prime if you have it. Pet Fooled. Intentionally scary but does have nuggets of enlightening facts.

You might not be meditating the way Krishna said to it, but you're still meditating. You're being mindful and present in your rides. Even when you do take out your phone to ID a plant, you're doing it to be with that plant. You're making a relationship to it and appreciating the wonder. Maybe that's just me.

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