This is fabulous. Thanks for helping me justify my habit of spacing out while watching clumps of mud. (Sorry, not spacing out! Examining beaver artifacts!). The castor sacs thing is incredible. So weird what we find attractive in terms of smells -- I can almost smell that smell now, and I know why it's sexy even as the idea of it being a beaver's anal glands does, somehow, take away from the mystique.

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It was non-canon, as the kids say:

"After the introduction there is a sketch, where the family are portrayed as beavers living in a dam with Tim Conway as a skunk and Homer's boss"


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Good work blazing trails, and an interesting read.

But of course, if you mention "The Simpsons" and beavers in the same post, I can't help but think of Tim Conway in a skunk costume!


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This is great, man. I'm driving to Seattle this week and I've got Ben Goldfarb's book EAGER (about beavers) queued up to listen to. I read it years ago in galley form but figured it's due a revisiting.

I also intend to secure a kayak for myself this year.

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Love your writing

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